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June 11, 2015 – What’s Happening?

Learning Targets:

Believe it or not they are the same as yesterday. So keep working hard, as you have been, to finish up all your projects and photo challenges. Please go to Monday’s blog post for links.

Here’s the list:

  • Album Art (past due)
  • Photo Essay (past due)
  • Dream image (due tomorrow)
  • Portfolio Project (due Monday)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.53.25 AM

For students who are finished and needing something to do, as well as a little extra credit, I have included a link to a fantastic website where you can use Photoshop layers to create a surreal image (see above) using step by step instructions and tutorial assets.

Here is the link.

Funny Surreal Image


June 10, 2015 – What’s Happening?

Learning Targets:

I can understand and use layer masks in Photoshop.

The photographic art and eye of Michael Bilotta


  • I can turn in my Photo Essay.
  • I can turn in my Album Art.
  • I can turn in my Portfolio.
  • I can continue working on my Dream Image.

May 5, 2015 – Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Photo Challenge: Symmetry with Complementary Colors

I will teach you today how to use Photoshop to turn your original image into a symmetrical image!

Learning Targets:

  • I know the requirment of this week’s Photo Challenge: Symmetry with Complementary Colors.
  • I can take part in a class critique of student work from last week’s Photo Challenge: Slow Shutter Speed.


Today’s Tasks:

1. Make a Symmetry with Complementary Colors image.

2. Look over this tutorial for another way use Photoshop to create a symmetrical image.

Photoshop mini lesson: How to use a layer mask!

Real-world working knowledge of Photoshop

Kersavage family portrait

As a professional photographer I am often hired to photograph many different kinds of subjects. Group portraits, or family portraits, are very common types of photographic work I do. Sometimes, after making lots of pictures, someone is blinking in the best overall picture.

So what do you do if you need to present the perfect family or group portrait to your client but one or more people are blinking?

Use Photoshop to combine two photos into one!

In today’s class you will learn the use of a simple layer mask technique. Using Photoshop you can combine one part of a photograph into another part to capture the perfect family portrait in post production. This is an acceptable use of Photoshop in the comercial and advertising world.