Period 3 POV Critique & Vote

Critique 3 photos by clicking on the particular photos you wish to comment on. Post responses to the questions below as a comment to the photo. Remember to type your answers into a Word doc first, then copy into the post.

Please answer the following questions in paragraph format when typing your critique:

  • What made you choose this photo (what did you notice?)
  • Describe the point of view (is it ants eye, birds eye, or something else?)
  • Do you think the Point of View helps make the image interesting? How or why?
  • Does the photo look like it was edited (crop/ image adjustments), or did it come straight out of the camera?
  • Do you think this is a unique idea, or something anyone could think of?

7 thoughts on “Period 3 POV Critique & Vote

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  2. hannahneff2

    I chose 9, 13, and 15 because they look really interesting on what levels they did. 9 has the point of view of a low level like someone crouching down to take the picture. 13 is my favorite because it shows ants point of view and it has really good effects on it. 15 shows from ants point of view on a tree. It shows arll the details on the tree which is really cool. I think POV makes the photo interesting because it shows all the close up details on the object. All the photos look like they are edited in there own unique way. Not many did the same photos as the ones i picked as my favorite. I think they made these pictures very unique.


  3. Brooke Staley 3

    these 3 (3,13,15) are the ones that suck out to me. the photos are all are ants eye. it does make it interesting because not only is it something we dont look at every day, but its creative and unique. they look edited, very nice vibrant colors and symetrical editing. i think they are unique, especially photo 3.


  4. Per:3 Taytum Prater

    I chose 3, 9 and 14. All of them are from ants eye, the point of view helps with the interest because its a new different angle we dont normally view objects from. They all are changed in at least some way but the 14 looks the most like it just came out of a camera. I think all of them are things anyone could think of.


  5. 3 Nate Powell

    I chose the photos 3, 6 and 12 because I like the unique point of views. 3 and 12 both utilize the ant’s eye point of view and 6 uses the bird’s eye point of view. I think the point of views in this are interesting because it allows you to see details in areas the natural eye wouldn’t normally cath. 3 and 12 look edited, 6 looks straight from the camera. They are all unique 6 not as much just a good photo with details.


  6. 3 tatyana belitskaya

    For number 1, I love nature. The picture show a side of natural beauty, yes it helped me focus on something more, it looks like I was straight out of the camera, no not everyone can do it.



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