Period 3 Leading Lines Critique & Vote

Critique 3 photos by clicking on the particular photos you wish to comment on. Post responses to the questions below as a comment to this post. Remember to type your answers into a Word doc first, then copy into the post.

Please answer the following questions in paragraph format when typing your critique:

  • What made you choose this photo (what did you notice?)
  • Do you think the Leading Lines help make the image interesting? How or why?
  • Does the photo look like it was edited (crop/ image adjustments), or did it come straight out of the camera?
  • Do you think this is a unique idea, or something anyone could think of?
  • Any additional thoughts are comments?

4 thoughts on “Period 3 Leading Lines Critique & Vote

  1. 3 Courtney Smith

    i chose the photos because they really caught my eye. yes i think the leading lines make the photo interesting because they really make my eye catch the subject and it makes the photo better looking. i think the photos look like the color was edited. they color looks enhanced. i think they are unique.


  2. 3 hannah neff

    I picked 10, 12, and 15 because i believe they showed how to use leading lines very well. In 10 its leading to several windows and looks very interesting to me. In 12 i think its very cool how close the picture is and how focused it is on the water droplets. In 15 it is leading to the concrete bench which looks unique to me. To me it looks like they left the natural quality to the picture. I think they took these pictures out of uniqueness. And someone could think of it but they thought of it first.


  3. Period: 3 Taytum Prater

    I chose 7,13,15 because i thought they were good examples of leading lines that i myself didnt think of. Leading lines do make picture more interesting they add a lot of depth to photos and are more interesting with the lines leading toward your main subject. I know they were all edited but 7 and 15 look less edited than 13. I like them because i didn’t think of them and if i had that would’ve been what i had gone with. I really like the photos the photographers did a good job.


  4. 3 Monica Gaudette

    I chose 8, 10, and 20, because i noticed that my eye ran across the photos. I do think that the leading lines make the photo more interesting because it draws your eye around the photo not just to one place. They all were mosly likely cropped in a way, and had the color adjusted. I think 20 is very unique, having someone sit at the end of the shadow of a light post.



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