June 5, 2015 – What’s Happening?

Learning Targets:

  • I can complete the brainstorm activitiy for the Dream Photo Challenge (not for seniors).
  • I can turn in my photo essay with four photos.
  • I can work on my Final Portfolio Project.

The photographer above, shot this as one of his series, Surrealistic Pillow, where he photographed a ton of his own dreams. Perhaps you could do the same?

For this next photo challenge, you will photograph something that could only happen in a dream. Maybe its the light that’s not quite right, maybe there are hands coming ouf of the walls, or the trees, maybe they have eyes. Maybe everyone’s face is blurred out. However you choose to show a dream like world, take us there.

Brainstorm three possible ideas you have for this photo challenge. Write down one idea on paper and hand it into me at the end of class. Please give me as much visual information as possible.

Dream photos are due in on 6/10.


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