May 20, 2015 – What’s Happening?

Learning targets:

  • I can start/continue working on photos for my personal essay/story.
  • I know the requirements and how to turn in my personal essay/story.

Telling a story with pictures requires thoughtful reflection and reviewing the essence of your essay/story. Select photographic opportunities which help tell a visual story. Ideally you want your imagery to compliment your story/essay. Be cautious of making the same kind of photograph. This is called redundancy in the profession.

Below are examples of variety of imagery taken of my daughter making mud pies last weekend. Notice how each image provides a different view of her experience and process.

“I found a worm,” Eilish said as she began digging at the edge of the family garden. For many years, since she was five-years-old, Eilish’s mud pies have become a tradition during our spring planting. This year Eilish not only discovered a worm, but also a tree frog. Eilish and I love tree frogs and Eilish had a great time getting to know our little visitor. Having a daughter who loves to garden and get muddy is such a treat for a father. Thanks Eilish for a great afternoon of gardening!


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