Vote for your favorite Slow Shutter Speed image!

Extra Credit Monday and Vote!

My daughter Eilish and I decided to go on a photo adventure over the weekend. We had planned to spend part of the day in Portland, but a traffic accident on the bridge changed our plans. We ended up in Vancouver, Washington and had a nice lunch together at Tommy ‘O’s restaurant. Afterwards, we walked around Esther Short Park, making photographs along the way, as we visited Vancouver’s Farmer’s Market. On our way home we stopped by a grocery store and purchased a small monster cake. Eilish excitedly expressed an interest to do a portriat shoot of the monster cake in our back yard. Such is the life of a father of a 15-year-old girl. It’s always a great day when you are making photographs!

What was your photo adventure over the weekend? Upload your photographs to today’s blog post from your Flickr account to receive extra credit! You must use at least one compositional technique you have learned from class so far this semester to receive credit.

Here are links to the student galleries from last week’s Photo Challenge. Please vote for your top three images by putting numbers associated with each photograph at the link on a piece of paper. Please turn in your choices at the end of class.

Period 3

Period 5

Period 6


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