April 23, 2015 – What’s Happening?

Please feel free to take a Double Exposure rubric available at the front of the class to see how you will be graded on this week’s Photo Challenge.

Please upload your photo from today to your Flickr account and to the HHS Flickr account. Post your photo to the reply link at today’s blog entry with your description. You may also write your description in Word or on a piece of paper and hand it in to me.

Kienen portrait and lighting study.

Kienen Wayrynen, 17, studio portrait. I used a more traditional multiple exposure technique with the camera.

Learning Targets:

  • I can check out a camera and work collaboratively with my partner to produce a portrait.
  • I can use Photoshop to combine two photographs, one portrait and another image that says something unique about who I am, into a double exposure portrait.
  • I can write a description about what my double exposure portrait says about me.

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