March 31, 2015 – What’s Happening!

Funk Project Dave AngellLearning Targets:

  • I can create two photos demonstrating shallow and deep depth of field.
  • I can explain technically how I achieved creating a shallow depth of field and deep depth of field image.

For this week’s assignment, you will:

  • take 2 photos of the same subject demonstrating both shallow and deep depth of field. You will use a classroom camera and (optionally) a tripod for this challenge. Your subject should be CLOSE to the camera.
  • Photograph your subject in Rule of Thirds



  1. Choose an interesting subject and composition.
  2. Set up your camera and tripod (optionally).
  3. Make sure your subject is in focus.
  4. Set a low (wide) aperture for your first photo (SDF) (do not move the camera!)
  5. Set a high (small) aperture for your 2nd photo (DDF)
  6. Process the photos in Photoshop (adjust white balance, contrast, color balance, crop and straighten).
  7. Log into your Flickr account and link both photos in comments section of this post.

Practice photos are due this tomorrow. Final photos are due this Friday.

Past student examples:


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