March 30 2015 – What’s Happening!

EGHS football

Justin Schuele, left, and Andy Ross of Evergeen High School. (Photo by Troy Wayrynen)

Learning Targets!

  • I can complete the brief review quiz at camea-sim.
  • I can begin to develop an understanding of how DSLR controls work and control the final image.
  • I can begin work on my DOF Rule of Thirds Photo Challenge with understanding about DOF.

Start out by doing the Depth of Field quiz (a handout will be given to you) at

For this week’s photo challenge you will submit TWO photos of the same subject. One will have deep depth of field (highest amount of the image in focus) and one will have shallow depth of field (minimal amount of focus in the image) using rule of thirds.

Using your Flickr account,  turn in two photos one with shallow and one with deep depth of field using rule of thirds. Your practice photos will be due this Wednesday and your final photos due on Friday.


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