March 27, 2015 – What’s Happening!

Can you see the arrow in the FedEx logo?

Can you see the arrow in the Fed Ex logo?

Can you see the arrow in the Fed Ex logo?

Day 4: Photographer Profile Presentations

Learning Targets!

  • I can share a presentation I created and talk about the life and work of a photographer in front of the class.
  • I can answer questions about my presentation with knowledge and a clear understanding based in part on my research and presentation details.
  • I can actively listen, ask questions while gaining a new perspective, understanding, and appreciation for the art of photography.


  • Turn in your presentations (due Monday March 23, 2015 this week).
  • If you are not ready to present this week, you will not be allowed to present and will lose those points.

If time allows we will do a class excercise for next week’s photo challenge “DOF with Rule of Thirds”.

Primer activity:

  • In groups of four check out a camera.
  • Working outside in groups one artist directs her group to line up in  a straight row.
  • Composing your photograph at an angle you can easily recognize each student make a picture at the longest telephoto range of the lens. Focus on the closest student at a range of aprox. 15 feet.
  • Make two photographs. One photograph at f/4 and another photograph at f/22.
  • Give the group camera to the next artist and repeat using the method above.
  • Once everyone has had a chance to make a picture of the group come back to class and import your photographs to your “D” drive using Adobe Bridge.
  • Share with me your results and others your results.

Have a great weekend!

Remember, it’s always a great day when you are making pictures.


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