March 26, 2015 – What’s Happening!

Inspired by Lexi to share interior architectural photography.

The photographs above are from an interior decorating job I shot for InteriorsbySue. The first photo (left) was made without any color correction in the camera and without lighting enhancement. The second photo (right) was made with additional lighting and camera color correction.

Day 3: Photographer Profile Presentations

Learning Targets!

  • I can share a presentation I created and talk about the life and work of a photographer in front of the class.
  • I can answer questions about my presentation with knowledge and a clear understanding based in part on my research and presentation details.
  • I can actively listen, ask questions while gaining a new perspective, understanding, and appreciation for the art of photography.


  • Turn in your presentations (due Monday March 23, 2015 this week).
  • If you are not ready to present this week, you will not be allowed to present and will lose those points.

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