Photographer Profile Presentation

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  • Below you will find a list containing many of the worlds most innovative and influential photographers.  Notify me which photographer you would like to begin researching (due MONDAY 3/16). *Note, you may select a photographer who is not on the list.
  • Each day starting next week you will be given new criteria to research to create a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation about the photographer you choose.
  • Examples of criteria will include biography about the photographer’s life and career, exhibitions, books, examples of work, influences, education, and subject of choice. Use websites, such as Wikipedia and search engines like Google to assist in your research. The local library can also be an excellent resource for you.
  • Presentations will begin on Tuesday, 3/24. You will be graded on meeting all the criteria given each day, in the correct order, the quality of your powerpoint/Prezi presentation, and submitting your work on time.
  • Powerpoints & Prezi’s are Due MONDAY 3/23.
  • See Powerpoint presentation example william_wegman.


Berenice Abbott (black & white portraits & architecture)

Ansel Adams (black & white landscape photography)

Diane Arbus (black & white portraits of deviant and marginal people)

Mark Aspland (sports photography)

Richard Avedon (fashion and portrait photographer)

Margaret Bourke-White (documentary photographer)

Mathew Brady (civil war celebrities)

Krzysztof Browko (landscape photography)

Blair Bunting (sports photography)

Robert Capa (war photographer)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (street photography)

Jeremy Cowart (portrait photography)

Imogen Cunningham (portraits, botany)

Edward Curtis (american west and Native American photographer)

Patrick Demarchelier (fashion & fine art)

Brian Duffy (fashion & portrait)

Anne Geddes (babies)

Jerry Ghionis (wedding photography)

Francesco Gola (landscape photography)

Jill Greenberg (digitally manipulated portraits)

David Hockney (photo collages)

Walter Iooss Jr. (sports)

Yousef Karsh (portraits)

David LaChapelle (commercial photography/ social messages)

Dorothea Lange (documentary photographer)

Joey Lawrence (portrait photography)

Annie Leibovitz (portraits)

Neil Leifer (sports)

William Henry Fox Talbot (photography pioneer)

Jay Maisel (portraits/musicians)

Steve Mccurry (photojournalist)

Joe McNally (portrait photography)

Alex Noriega (landscape photography)

Irving Penn (fashion, portraits, still lifes)

Adam Pretty (sports photography)

Jim Richardson (landscape photography)

Terry Richardson (fashion & portrait)

Cindy Sherman (conceptual portraits)

Jerry Uelsman (photomontage)

Edward Weston (landscapes, still lifes, portraits)

Yvonne Zemke (wedding photography)

Ernst Haas (photojournalism)

Gary Winogrand (street photographer)

Arnold Newman (portrait)

W. Eugene Smith (photojournalsim)

Alfred Stieglitz (artist/photographer)

Gregory Heisler (portrait)

Sebastiao Salgado (nature)

Jim Richardson (National Geographic)

Greg Gorman (fashion)

Mark Seliger (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Richard Avedon (fashion)

Robert Capa (photojournalism)

Elliot Erwitt (artist/photographer)

Robert Frank (photojournalist)

Mary Ellen Mark (photojournalism)

James Nachtwey (photojournalism)

Alfred Eisenstaedt (photojournalism)

Herb Ritts (fashion)

Lindsay Adler (studio/fashion)


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