Photo Challenge Brainstorm Time!

brainstormingLook to your left, right, in front of you and behind you.

Gather 3 texture ideas from THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE and post them to the comments section of this post. Be sure to post the student’s names with their idea.


35 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Brainstorm Time!

  1. 3 Dakota Grant

    a texture idea would be a chain link like a fence or something. another is useing leaf piles to get a nice texture. the last one could be ourselves as our hands and apendages come with different textures all together.


  2. 3. Iana Mocanu

    Deontae: Bringing out the texture in a brick wall
    Max: bring out the texture of hair
    mellysua: old book that has dust and rough pages or an animal skin or tree bark


  3. period3-Alyssa mitchell

    (me) The texture photo I want to take are of old an old book that hasn’t been used in awhile, or tree bark, or an animal up close.
    (Cayla) A tree
    (Iana) A tree trunk, a tire, Clothes,


  4. Brooke Staley

    I talked to Taytum, Monica, and Tatyana. Taytum says a close up of grass, Monica said keep your eyes open for crative ideas, and Tatyana said a close up of a tree.


  5. Period: 3 Taytum Prater

    This is one of those challenges where you just have to keep your eyes open brooke said the texture close up of leaves, I think grass would be a simple idea. This photo challenge is a very simple challenge because of all the options.


  6. 3 courtney Smith

    Brooke thought of a brick wall
    Tatyana thought of a tree
    Monica thinks you have to keep your mind open
    I think of a cake because of all the different textures.


  7. 3 Monica Gaudette

    Brooke, thought of a brick wall, but I made the comment of that its sort of cliché. Tatyana, said maybe a tree. Courtney, said cake frosting because of its… well texture. I think that no matter what you need to keep your eyes open for interesting things, looking for things that not only have a “feel” texture but a “visual” texture.


  8. Vanessa Brown

    5 Vanessa Brown
    Lana had the idea to use sports balls like a basketball or tennis ball.
    Donovan had the idea to do a leaf or a tire.
    Lisi had the idea to use a screen and oragami paper.


  9. Christian Lundin-Johnson Period 6

    Danny says use floor patterns
    i went out with the camera to experiment with different textures like a naokin and the painting on the wall



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