What’s Happening Today!

To Do Today!

To Do Today!

1. Turn in your final Leading Line photograph HERE.

2. If you haven’t done so already, please turn in your final Point of View photograph and final Rule of Thirds photograph. If you need help please ask me.

3. Once you are caught up with turning in all assignments please check out a camera and make three photographs using the camera’s AV (Aperture Value) mode. Set the camera ISO to 200. A tripod will help facilitate this exercise, but is not mandatory.

4. The first photograph you make set the camera’s aperture to F/5.6. For the second photograph use F/8, and the third photograph use F/16.

4. Download your photographs to your D drive using Adobe Bridge.

5. Once you have finished importing and saving your photographs please let me know so I can review your work and discuss with you your results.

Have a Great Weekend!


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