Lesson 1: Unlocking the Mysteries of the DSLR camera!

The DSLR is a powerful photographic tool. The more you understand how the camera functions work and how they can be used to extend your vision and creative control of the camera the more illustrative, creative and better story tellers you become as visual artists.

Today you will have an opportunity to unlock and begin understanding one of the many DSLR camera functions.

You will work as partners and make pictures for a mini lesson and begin mastering the use of a camera control called the APERTURE and how the aperture selction you make controls what is known as  DEPTH OF FIELD!

1. In groups of four you will use a tripod and camera.

2. Select an arrange your camera to photograph a row of items. Ideally you will have 3-5 items.

3. Focus your camera at a medium focal length on the zoom lens on the nearest subject.

4. Set the camera to the AV mode and begin making pictures at the widest aperture setting on the camera. For most of our camera lenses this will be around f/5.6.

5. Take your first picture at f/5.6, then f/8.0, f/11, f/16 and f/22.

6. Take the card back to your computer workstation as a group of four and upload the images to your D drive using Adobe Bridge.

7. Talk with other members in your group about what you see in each image. What do you notice happening with background objects? Why might this be happening? What is about the aperture that makes each picture look differently?

8. Refer back to the link and article in today’s post.

8. Debrief: Questions and final classroom discussion about what we learned.