To Do for 2/6 – Avatar portraits!

To Do List

1. Download your Avatar image from the blog and save it into a folder on your computer’s D drive.

2. Locate and open the image using Adobe Bridge.

3. Open the image using ACR in Photoshop.

5. Edit your Avatar using Photoshop techniques, such as cropping, selective controls and exposure adjustments.

6. Save your portrait to your computer’s D drive in a folder with your name on it. Name the file using your name_avatar.

7. Add your new professional Avatar image to your Flickr account page!

7. Join HHS Flickr!

8. Let me know If you need me to make a portrait.

If you finish early with today’s assignment you can check out a camera and start making pictures for your Rule of Thirds assignment!

TAW_150206_395 TAW_150206_396 TAW_150206_406 TAW_150206_408 TAW_150206_409 TAW_150206_410 TAW_150206_414 TAW_150206_416 TAW_150206_418 TAW_150206_421 TAW_150206_426 TAW_150206_428 TAW_150206_430 TAW_150206_432 TAW_150206_433 TAW_150206_435_TW29509_TW29510_TW29511_TW29513_TW29517_TW29519_TW29521_TW29522_TW29524_TW29526

_TW29809 _TW29811 _TW29807 _TW29808 _TW29799 _TW29802 _TW29793 _TW29794




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