Today’s Tutorial: How to Hold a Digital Camera


55 thoughts on “Today’s Tutorial: How to Hold a Digital Camera

  1. Lexi Martinot


    – Place your right hand on the right hand side of the camera with your fore finger on ther shutter, place your left hand (depending on the camera) so it supports the weight of the camera. Tuck your elbows in & keep your arms close to you. For extra support lean against a solid object.

    – Your first picture might be blurry because of “camera shake” which is usually caused by not holding the camera still enough.


  2. Lisi Thomas Per. 5

    1. By gripping the camera with 2 hands, 1 under the lends and the other on the stable holding part of the camera with eldbows in toward body .
    2. Tripods are the best way to stop camera shake because they have three sturdy legs that keep things very still but if you dont have that then hold steady with 2 hands.
    3. Usually because the camera was not held still enough while the shutter was depressed. How to Hold a Camera. Holding a camera in this way will allow you flexibility of being able to line up shots quickly but will also help you to hold still for the crucial moment of your shutter being open.


  3. Vanessa Brown

    Vanessa Brown
    Period 5
    One holds a camera like a professional by using the grip with their right hand and supporting the underneath/lens with their left. The best way to stabilize a camera is with a tripod, but if you dont have one lean on a sturdy object, keep your arms tucked and hold it professionally as I described before. Your shots might be blurry if you dont stabilize the camera, and hold it professionally (previously described). To solve this problem us something to stabilize like leaning against a wall, controlling your breath and focusing the camera.



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