A new beginning

Over the years as a photojournalist working for newspapers and magazines, I have had the opportunity to be invited and share my experiences and passion for photography as a guest speaker at local high schools and colleges, as well as the occasional Lions Club luncheon visit. These experiences are always positive and I enjoy seeing students faces light up with understanding and knowledge and a better appreciation for photography. Afterword, many students share their photography experiences and ask additional questions about photography techniques and the latest cameras or software. I often received words of thanks. Some students will continue to s

Walking into Heritage High School I was struck by the early morning light as the interior of the the school balanced nicely against the early morning light of a sunrise. I also was struck by the lines and architectural design and structure of the building.

tay in touch and ask for feedback on their latest pictures. Because of these experiences, and encouragement from friends who are teachers, I decided to start a new career as a teacher and enrolled in CTE classes last fall through the Skills Center.

Yesterday I officially became a digital photography teacher at Heritage High School. My day was primarily observational (I don’t officially start until Feb. 2) and a great introduction for me to dedicated staff and teachers.

This blog is dedicated to my new passion as an educator and my continued love for photography. I want to help students find their creative inner voices and discover how much fun it is to use photography as a way to be artistic and communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings, or simply express who they are and how they see the world around them.  This blog will also be a terrific resource for students. I plan on showcasing student work, providing assignment information, links to cool websites, blogs, surveys, and to do lists. I will add inspirational imagery, encouraging words and some critiques or thoughts I have about photography. I also plan to post information about contests, scholarships and anything else that will provide help to digital 1 students and aspiring young artists at Heritage High School and anyone else interested in joining the conversation.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!


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